N Shivakumar: From newspaper vendor to IIM graduate

But Shivakumar’s story begins few more years ago, when this very talented Bengaluru boy was forced to sell news papers to support his education as well as to support his family.

For the Bengaluru people, skinny Shiva is a known face, who sends the  world news to their morning tea table. He is paddling his cycle since he was in class VI to sell the news papers. It was undoubtedly not easy for him to chase his dream, but he has made it. Now his story inspires the entire nation and Shiva has become the role model for many who has a big dream and desire to fly high.

Before entering to the IIM Kolkata, Shiva was also an alumni of Bangalore Institute of Technology. Until he reached the engineering college,  Shiva’s education was funded by one Mr Vyasa, who even refused to be interviewed. He was also a grantee of state sponsored SC/ST scholarship. Originally an inhabitant of the tribal village of Mysore, Shiva is the member of ‘Haddi’ community. But his social status never stops him to dream big.

Throughout his school and college days, he maintained handsome marks. He scored 81 percent in 10th, 76 percent in PU and an average of 67.6 percent in engineering.

After his successful achievement in IIM and getting a job, Shiva is not satisfied yet. He dreams to be an entrepreneur in near future. He plans to work for a few years as he needs funds to support his family and then start a venture of his own. He also has an education loan to pay off and a sister to be married. His truck driver father who has taken over the newspaper business also need his assistance.

But it is the time for Shiva to chase his dream and live a life king size.

Source: Online Hindi Newspaper

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