Reliance launches Jionet brand Wi-Fi service from Kolkata

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata today launched the ‘Jionet’ brand Wi-Fi service from Park Street. Adjoining areas like Loudon Street and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road were also likely to be covered in the first phase of the soft launch.

The first mobile phone service in the country was launched when Modi Telstra patched through a call in 1995 between then chief minister Jyoti Basu in Kolkata and then Union Telecom Minister Sukh Ram in Delhi.

“All my Wi-Fi friends, I am tweeting using #WiFiKolkata. So proud to be first Wi-Fi Metro city in India. Congratulations to us all,” Banerjee unveiled the service with this tweet.

The service is available for public from 6 PM and initially would be offered free, subject to fair usage, a company release said.

Earlier, company officials had said the Wi-Fi service would turn to be a paid service only after a formal commercial launch was done and that would happen once the entire city coverage was complete.

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