Hindi Newspaper vs. E-Paper

With the advent of internet in the lives of people, the media industry has been changing drift. From Newspapers to online news portals, the source to get news has changed for a number of people, especially the younger crowd.

Gone are the days, when people have to wait for the early morning newspapers to get the details of the news. Today, the Internet and the new online media have modernized the way news content is distributed.

Hindi e-papers have the ability to deliver news immediately. It also allows readers to receive news comfortably using their smart phones, tablets etc. Electronic paper is often considered to be quickest and the easier method to get news than conventional displays. Stable image, wider viewing angle are few advantages the Hindi e-papers are packed with.

Eying the all good aspects of reading news online, many Hindi newspapers have become less popular.  E-papers are identical to the printed publication; the news, the format in the Hindi newspapers are same as that of an e-paper  but what makes the difference is that these can easily be downloaded in a minute of time and can be read at anyplace anytime.

The electronic newspapers have also removed the barriers of getting news on time. Newspapers boys are more prone to miss on delivering the printed publications at your doorstep some day but the Hindi E-Papers are always on your finger tips. Hindi E-Papers are regularly uploaded with breaking news, India city news etc.

As compared to Hindi newspaper, E-Papers are highly attracted by the younger crowd that hardly read the entire printed publication. It allows you to download your own set of newspaper each morning in your Tablet or Smartphone. Also, the process is convenient and saves time too. The amount of paper saved from printed publication could also be the major sell point to sell the electronic newspaper.

Hindi E-papers have also advanced the older generation of people in India who rarely access internet and stick to their own copy of printed publication.  In view of the frequently establishing set up of the e-papers, newspapers companies are in a huge loss. The price of the printed publications is more likely to drop in the future.

Advertising firms, the major source of revenue for the newspaper groups are too betting big on online news portals to get their promotions.

Despite of the off-putting scenario, Hindi newspapers have their set of loyal audience from several less developed states across the country. Daily publications have played a significant role in providing latest news since independence. It is therefore the never fading industry having strong reach across all corners of the world.


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